Time for Life


Time for Life

Being unable to balance work and life has negative impacts on health and wellbeing and can cause stress, relationship issues and reduced productivity.
We can improve productivity and support people working in construction by ensuring people have adequate time to rest and pursue life activities outside of work.

The construction workforce reports significantly higher working hours than those working in other industries. Accordingly, 59% report dissatisfaction with their work-life balance, compared with just 39% of the general population.

This has powerful adverse impact on productivity and employee retention.

Under ‘Time for Life’, the Culture Standard will seek to improve work life balance for its workers by introducing measures to address excessive working hours for employees and provide access to optimal ways of working.

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People employed in the construction industry suffer from poor physical health and some of the highest rates of mental health incidences in Australia.
Improving the wellbeing of people employed in the construction industry will save lives and must be a key priority for government and industry alike.

Construction has been a leader in protecting the physical safety of its workers, but personal wellbeing is an area for improvement.

Personal wellbeing encompasses physical health needs such as exercise, diet and fatigue, as well as mental health. The construction workforce performs poorly against many mental health measures with a profound impact on individuals, communities and families around the country.

Wellbeing issues are contributing to high rates of turnover, absenteeism and stress / burnout-related leave.

Under ‘Wellbeing,’ the Culture Standard will seek to improve mental and physical health outcomes for workers by instituting programs which help businesses to assess and manage health risks, and promote wellbeing.

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Diversity and Inclusion


Diversity and Inclusion

The Australian construction industry faces difficulty attracting and retaining a diverse range of people to work in the industry.
A more inclusive industry will address capability and capacity constraints and create opportunities for greater collaboration and innovation.

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